Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC)

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Canada@150 : Lives Changed Challenge
The Canada@150: Lives Changed Challenge is a new initiative being launched this year as part of the Employees’ Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign.
ProjectBe: the friend, the voice, the difference
For Canada 150, public servants are helping new refugees find their place in our multicultural society. Join the ProjectBe team. Support a refugee cause.

Campaign Volunteers

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Volunteers are the heartbeat of the charitable campaign. Making sure employees get timely and accurate information about the campaign is critical. The dedicated efforts of volunteers and the energy they bring to the campaign helps generate enthusiasm for giving. Click on the following links to find all the documents and tools volunteers need to get their job done.

Your Campaign Chairs

  • “Canada 150 is a great opportunity for public servants to reflect on our values and renew our tradition of giving. When we give, we show how much we care.”

    Marie Lemay, National Chair, 2017 GCWCC
  • “Together, our willingness and ‎generosity in giving truly has an impact on the lives of people in need. Giving is another way for us to affect and improve the outcomes of those in our own, and in other, communities.”

    Philip Jennings, National Co-Chair, 2017 GCWCC
  • “When we demonstrate compassion to those in need and help them be their best selves, we build stronger communities. Giving matters; it connects us and leaves no one on the sidelines.”

    Pascale Elvas, National Co-Chair, 2017 GCWCC